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Dear friends, Can anyone tell me the combination of Fine grain, shpest B&W 4x5 film and Fine grain Developer please. It is difficult to get over here in my country. Thanks for your help.

Regards to all.

-- Sajjad (, March 07, 2001


Plus X, FP4+ are nice films and work great with a 2 bath developer like Divided D76. The reason I recommend DD76 is that you can reuse the Bath A for a VERY long time and all you have to do is mix up Bath B which is nothing but Borax and water... very cheap, easy to get, very fine grain and very easy to use... 3 minutes in bath A, 2-5 minutes in bath B, rinse and fix. I mix mine up from raw stock but you can get it through Photographic Formulary or email me and I'll send you the recipe. Cheers, Scott Walton

-- Scott Walton (, March 07, 2001.


You did not say what country you are from. However, i would think that Kodak has almost every part of the world covered. You will get host of different answers here. there are a couple of general rules to consider. rule one is that usually the finer the grain the slower the film. rule 2 is that the slower the film the longer the process to develop it. If you can follow procedures exactly each time you develop then I would highly recommend tmax 100 with tmax developer. easy to get. wonderful if you follow the rules and do some testing. good luck. kevin

-- kevin kolosky (, March 07, 2001.

Kodak Technical Pan is available in 4x5 and can be developed in Kodak's Technidol or Agfa's Rodinal @ 1+150 dilution. Nothing else is even close in the sharpness/fine grain race. It should be exposed at EI 25. It has a somewhat narrow latitiude.

-- Bill Mitchell (, March 08, 2001.

here we go.. Film = TMax 100 Pulled to 25 asa Developer = D76 Dilution = 1:1 in water Temperature = 18 0c to 20 0c time = 5 to 6 min. Agitation = 5 sec / 30 sec

I can do 12 X 16 prints on Ilford MgIV with this. Try middle

-- middle (, March 11, 2001.

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