Was Vian ever friends with Baldwin?

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Was Boris Vian Ever Friends with James Baldwin?

-- Chloe Hermont Hyden (chloe.hyden@asu.edu), March 07, 2001


Good question! I too would like to know this. Also how about Chester Himes? Were they friends or at least knew each other?

-- Tosh Berman (tosh@loop.com), April 06, 2001.

There's actually a great book on this topic by James Campbell titled "PAris Interzone" in the U.K. It has a slightly different title in the US but I can't remember.

-- Jeremy M. Barker (jray745@yahoo.com), July 14, 2002.

Also read James Baldwin's 'The Devil Finds Work.' In the chapter 'Who Saw Him Die? I, Said the Fly' It deals mostly with Vian and I Spit on Your Graves

-- Tosh Berman (tosh3@earthlink.net), October 04, 2002.

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