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I am currently at 4.02 and have given up on VCDs for now. Does 5.0 fix the problems with 4.x and really allow "seamless" VCD creation like thier web site says?

PS - I use an ATI All in wonder 128 Pro video card.

Thanks in advance.

-- Kenneth Stamm (, March 06, 2001


Have tried it..and I can say that it still lacks the reqd features for VCD. While there are more options, the VCD creation screen is exactly the same as the older version. In my opinion, et WOCD 3.8 or try Nero 5.5 for this.


-- tygrus (, March 07, 2001.

What required features are we talking about here? Are they full menu- creation VCD ver 2 features as unambiguous as that in WinOnCD? If only it were that simple: Adaptec/Roxio/Cequadrat has so far not released WinOnCDPE3.8 in English. If this is because it wants us to patronize Easy CD 5 with no believeable explanations why that is so something's fishy here.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 07, 2001.

There appears to be no built in encoder, or user funcational and understandable menu creation process. I have always found Adaptec bad for that, and I am not saying WOCD is fantastic or anything, but at least with it , i can see my menu layout and have some control over it. EZCD 5 is an OK program, a few more options are in there, but what I was really looking for was advanced VCD control and I dont think this has it. From what I have read, looks like Nero 5.5 will realy be the next product to watch for.


-- tygrus (, March 07, 2001.

I recently bought ATI Radeon ALL-IN-WONDER, and Easy creator 5.0 platinum, all these so I can make videos.

Well it aint happening ov VCD. ATI VCD player says it doesn't support version 2.0, that is the very version spat out by Easy CD Creator. Worse, ATI offers no explanation as to what version it does support, or what the specs are to get there.

Meanwhile the Roxio/Adaptec/Easy CD web site is totaly hopeless and pages that might have answered my questions (like tech support pages) were out of order.

Needless to say I am one disgruntled customer, fresh out of cash.

-- paul obembe (, March 08, 2001.

Have authored VCD on a MAC using a Beta of the Adaptec Roxio Software 5.0b6 I believe and it will play back in Simple VCD or Free VCD on the Mac, but it will_not_play back in Set Top DVD Players as advertised. The Sony DVD/CD/VCD player...all show no disc. Could it be the disc color? Or my authoring software? I can't get the disc playing on a WinTel box either? What is the proceedure for WMP to play VCD? Any suggestions apprecitated. PS: Preped my MPEG 1 Using Cleaner 5.0.2

-- JC Bouvier (, March 08, 2001.

Adaptec's menu creation process on version 4 is very easy and works great. I have had more luck with it than I have with WinOnCD 3.7 But then again I don't speak German

-- Al (, March 08, 2001.

ATI offered some answers for the VCD problem. Apparently they've been rewriting versions of their mediacenter for a long time now to try to make the ATI+Adaptec combination work. The fixes they sent me were worse than the problem and crashed my computer - so as of today I don't recommend relying on software fixes from ATI for the problem. But for those desperate enough to try - they do have a page which describes settings to create white book files from their v.6.3 mediacenter which was included on edition 101 ATI disc. Uninstall your old media center then: program files\atimultimedia\ATIDESK\Drivers\atii2c16.dll I haven't tried 5.0 creator and probably won't. Video Factory is a great program for the money to create and edit MPEGs etc. But Creator 4.0 couldn't even use those files.

-- (, March 13, 2001.

I just got a copy of Roxio's CD Creator 5 Platinum and I'm very disappointed for three reasons. First, my hardware is not compatible. Despite my Teac CD-R55S on Roxio's HCL, I can't copy CDs nor can I back up spanning CDs as I receive an error message informing me that my burner is incompatible. Evidently, it doesn't like SCSI CDRs--I know of another with the identical problem. Second, I've created mgps using Premiere 6.0 and EZ Cleaner 5.0. According to the data specs, the data rate is 1.3--the limit for White Book specs. However, I cannot burn the mpg to a VCD as the data rate is too high, according to Roxio's VCD writer (everything else is OK, except the data rate). I have sucessfully imported an avi file using Roxio's VCD writer, but the playback quality is poor, especially in areas with movement. The video comes out fuzzy and resembles a VHS machine with dirty heads. Third, Roxio's website is damn near worthless when it comes to support. Any ideas anyone? Maybe I should look into Nero? Please feel free to contact me with information.


-- Steve Lawson (, April 16, 2001.

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