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I've read that one must wait until "trace" before pouring a batch of soap into the mold. Why wait for trace if you're not adding anything extra to the soap? Won't it trace in the mold as well as the mixing pot?

-- Phyllis Caunt (, March 05, 2001


When it traces it is a good sign that the chemical reaction has taken place and the oils have mixed with the lye. If you poured before trace chances are you would have separation or at minimum pockets of oil or lye that did not come in contact with each other to saponify. You add the other ingredients after trace so that it doesn't inter fere with the trace and also so the free lye particles don't interfere with your additives(turn expensive fragrances off smelling). Hope this helps.

-- Terri in NS (, March 06, 2001.

it also helps it trace when its being stirred, faster and more evenly so it all cures near the same time

-- Stan (, March 06, 2001.

Tracing means that the soap is ready to be poured. It will seperate in the molds if you pour it too soon. Also, the less tracing, the more caustic the mixture when it is poured, and the shorter life of the mold.

-- Sue Diederich (, March 06, 2001.

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