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Aloha to all,

Dirck suggested I submit this to the forum - thanks in advance.

I am interested in attending some intensive workshops/schools (3- 6 months approximately) etc. in the US or anywhere but also to interview any of you about getting into photojournalsim. I already shoot (35 mm) and have gotten some encouragement from photographers I respect. I am building a portfolio and am just starting to volunteer'/freelance for a small local paper here (two hours drive North of San Francisco).

Quick background - I am 40 now, BA in Pol. Sci from UCLA, MA in Psychology from University of Hawaii, former Peace Corps volunteer (Fiji, 85 - 87), Air Force Brat from way back. I write well, have strong empathy with people, compose well and am good at the technical end of things. I have read a few books about some photojournalist in the past and am at a deciding point in my life about what is next. I love to shoot and have that creative artisitic work hard background (theater, some film, writing, poetry). I am at the point where I choose not to ignore that creative part of me.

Now I gather information and write to folks like yourself. I care a lot about social and political issues. Currently I am finishing an Emergency Medical Technician course that concludes May 22, after that I am free to travel. I have some ideas about documenting disasters, human rights violations and possibly conflicts although this is an area that new guys ought to have a lot of respect for. I just read *My War Gone By, I Miss It So* by Anthony Loyd. I have respect for what he wrote although I am not sure I would be cut out for what he did. I am interested in any reactions that all of you may have to his book.

I have been thinking about this for awhile and wanted to start the ball rolling. If any one is willing to speak with me in person please send me your phone number (anywhere in the world is fine) or email. A couple of caveats, - I don't expect to make a lot of money (if any) at this, it is something that I am driven to do and I think I am just cynical enough to get through it! Thanks to everyone out there putting themselves on the line.


David McCullough 415 786 3358

-- David McCullough (, March 05, 2001

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