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I need the assistance of someone with access to C&S Rwy timetables. While researching the 1883 Charleston earthquake, I came across a photograph taken of the quake's effects on the C&S mainline. The caption stated the photo location was at C&S mile post 20 + 3600 ft. Based on some crude calculations, I believe the photo was taken approximately 1-2 miles south of Ravenel, SC (one of the epicenters associated with the 1883 quake). Can someone please confirm the stations at or on either side of MP20. The Ravenel area was reportedly known as Glovey's in the 1860s-1870s. Thanks in advance.

-- Buddy Hill (, March 05, 2001


Buddy - Here's a list I have: John's Island-mp.16, Rantowles-mp.19, Ravenel(Glovey's in 1870's)-mp.25, New Road-mp.28, Adam's Pond-mp.31, Pon-Pon-mp.36, etc., etc. This is confirmed in 1887 OFFICIAL GUIDE in part. Some of these stations weren't open in 1887, at least not shown in GUIDE.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 06, 2001.

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