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I use the Daylab II with the 545i film holder. Recently I purchased several boxes of type 59 color film (single sheets) through an authorized Polaroid merchant. The film carries an expiration date of 6/2001. Upon opening up the new boxes of film, I noticed the new film to be encased in a much thinner envelope. Then, when I tried to print an image transfer I was very disappointed by the final image transfer.

The image transfers I printed with the new film are were very thin in texture & when I used a higher color saturation, this caused "lift off" for the darker colors while the rest of the image transfer colors remained "weak" & very thin. I have been printing both image, emulsion transfers & SX-70's for almost 5 yrs & haven't encountered this problem before now.

Did Polaroid change the "recipe" for the film or did I just get a "poor quality" batch? I am very perplexed...I am doing everything I have always done to create my image transfers & have NOT changed my routine of printing. Suddenly I cannot make a decent print, something is wrong here & I don't know what to make of it.

Can anyone help? I need help ASAP .... Thank you very much. Elena T. Spice

-- Elena T. Spice (, March 04, 2001


I think you should contact Polaroid (they are answering e-mails submitted to customer support from their website).

I am still using older film ...

-- Marek Uliasz (, March 05, 2001.

Elena- I have also been working with image transfers for 5 years, and in recent years, acheived a level of competence (and even some consistency). With the last two batches of 59 film (expiration dates 3/02 and 6/02) I've had insurmountable problems -- very similar to the ones you describe. I've changed papers, water temporature, etc. and still have the same problems. As I am having a show in May, with many prints to do, I am anxious to say the least. I spoke with Polaroid today (Nov. 26). The say only that different batches vary -- if there has been a basic change in chemistry, it's not being acknowledged or is not known at the level of the techies with whom we are speaking. I will also try writing an e-mail on their website. I'd appreciate it greatly if we could be in touch about this -- perhaps there is a solution to be found. I am trying to locate expired film but have not yet succeeded. I'd be glad to talk on the phone if that's o.k. with you. If so, I'll send my number or you can send yours. Margery

-- Margery B. Franklin (, November 26, 2001.

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