Wild Turkey (not the booze kind) Stops US Mail (humor) G-rated

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It seems that a US Postal carrier has been attacked one too many times, and mail service has been suspended to about twenty homes in Newton, Massachusetts. To ensure safety of carriers, suspension of delivery in an unsafe area is standard procedure. That puts pressure on city officials or customers to rectify the situation.

Here is the url for the story on Reuters Odd. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010302/od/bird_dc_1.html

-- Notforprint (Not@thekeyboard.com), March 04, 2001


Brings new meaning to the term, "going postal" ...

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Cute article and I hope they relocate George!

-- Marsha (CaprisMaa@aol.com), March 05, 2001.

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