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I just picked up my first brick of the new PROFESSIONAL formulation of Ilford's Delta 400 yesterday and I am curious if anyone has tried it yet. I am optimistic that it might replace Delta 3200 for me because I shoot it at ISO 1200. In the April issue of Shutterbug they tested it with ID-11. I quote their comments about the new Professional Delta 400 exposed at 1600 and processed in ID-11. "At a two-stop push it's hard to believe that you're looking at film exposed at ISO 1600. Unlike the old formulation, this new film stock appears to retain quite a bit more high-light detail when pushed."

I always use Xtol and will start with their suggested times of 9 1/2 min at 68F(stock) and 14 min (1:1) at ISO 1600.

If anyone has tried the film and/or with Xtol I would appreciation your comments.

Thanks, Bob

-- Bob Bedwell (, March 04, 2001


More info (in English) on Ilford's French site (

-- JS, Copenhagen (, March 06, 2001.

I have used this film at 400, 800 and 1600 (processed in Ilfotech HC at 1+31). I have found that it has superbly fine grain and sharpness, as well as producing a good range of tones. When pushed, it performs superbly, only increasing grain size slightly, and retaining excellent detail in highlights and dark areas. When my current developer runs out, I shall try it in ID-11.

-- Ed Hurst (, March 07, 2001.

Does anyone know of a mail order company in the USA that can supply new DELTA 400 135-36? I've searched without success.

Thanks, Steve

-- Steve W. (, March 07, 2001.

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