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So today in Ohio it's about 55 degrees. Well warm enough to take the MV out, as I've owned it for 5 months now and it has precisely 31 miles on it.

Now when I first got it, I would start it ever week and let it run and find a small puddle of coolant under it a few minutes later. Looked at the reservior, a tad overfilled. So I figured it was just blowing out some...

My neutral switch has never worked, so the bike won't run with the stand down, and Ferracci said - not a big deal, wait till first service. Ok. Fine.

Warm her up today, sitting there in my parking lot, on the bike, waiting for the temp to come into the 130's. Look down. No puddle. Perfect. Off we go. It's running ok, but not well. 2 miles away from home now, stop at a stop light. What's that smell? Ahhhh yes. Coolant. Pull into a parking lot, drop under the bike, lower fairing has coolant in it...

Great. I'll head home and call Ferracci on Monday. Start to head home. What the hell? The bike was running as if it was out of gas. Surging forward and then letting off, then stalling once, then again, then more forward backward surges.

Well fuck it. I was worried about the motor, so I shut it off and pushed it half mile back home.

Then I jumped on my HONDA RC-51 and took off for 2 hours. Honda hasn't been started once this winter. Fired right up. Ran perfectly.

Every other bike I saw I was wishing I was on my MV, not that pig of a Honda. Bastards.

-- Jeremy (, March 03, 2001


so sorry to hear, what's up with ur bike?

-- Eric In HongKong (, March 04, 2001.

so today in the Uk it's about 8 degrees C, but SUNNY, for a change. So I pulled the cover off the MV, (f4s1+1), put on the thermals, switched on and fired her up. Came home 73 miles later in (about haour and a half) having ripped around the contryside, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. I finshed running in about 2 weeks ago so for the first time saw the rev limiter flash, oh what fun. Bets thing, In 1200 miles, NO problems, No worries, No leaks, No overheat, just fun. SO I really am sorry for you guys who have problem bikes, I hope they get sorted 'cos when they are, you too can have a really nice afternoon just like me!! Not really feeling smug, just happy. willy

-- will (, March 06, 2001.

Speakin of the senate


watch out for redlof

-- imme (¿¿¿??, January 21, 2003.

Get that thing looked at, man. That's not the way it's supposed to be. Mine runs very well. It pulls strongly and does what it's supposed to do. That said, I wish the on/off throttle transition was as smooth as my carbureted R1, but you can't have it all...

Stick with it. These are good bikes. Honest.

-- Andy Ruhl (, January 21, 2003.

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