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I bought this Bosch espresso machine at a second hand store.Of course it had no manual included. I love espresso, but I don't know the first thing about making espresso, and i don't know how to work this machine. Could I get some advice on this please

-- Wanda Carter (, March 03, 2001


Wanda, if your ISP provides you access to Usenet (known as News in Netscape), then you are likely to gets loads of help by asking your question in the group

-- Bearhair (, March 12, 2001.

The machine was made by Siemens. Do not add anything but water to it. Both the Heating Bowl and the small cup for steam. The main bowl is marked by the number of cups on the back. Just add water to the bowl. Grind some coffee and put it in the funnel thing. Put the funnel on the drive shaft. Push the switch on the right to up until the other light comes on (water hot) and then push it all the way down. Out comes the coffee. Recommend having a cup in place.


-- Jay (, August 24, 2002.

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