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I recently acquired a very nice 2x3 Crown Graphic with two roll film backs. I want to use this handheld for portraiture. The rangefinder is out of sync with the focus rail. That is necessary for what I need to do. I do not really understand the downloaded instructions for adjusting these rangefinders. My local repair shops are not very confident in this either.

Is there a repair station in the US that specializes in work on Graphic cameras and can do a good job synching the rangefinder for accurate focus at close distances?

-- Todd Frederick (, March 02, 2001


Hi Todd, what kind of range finder does your camera have? Is it the Kalart? If so, mine was pretty easy to adjust. It took a tripod, a small screw driver, and a wall with a piece of tape on it and a tape measure. And a luop. I think it took 3 tries and about 20 min. to get it right. Probably the same instructions from

How close you mean by close? What lens will you use? If you want to go real close, hang a photo of a face on the wall at the distance you want from the camera, focus the lens onto the ground glass, and then adjust the near adjustment on the range finder until the image comes together, but that might put you off on the infinity range; there might be a minimum range it has to work within. But when I've done a head and sholders shot with a 4X5 with a normal lens, I think I've extended the rail beyond the capabilities of the range finder, and I've focused with a loup. Plus a near shot with my camera is going to have a shallow depth of focus, and then the accuracy of the range finder is kind of iffy.

By the way, you have to make sure that the swing arm attached to the range finder is engaged with the rail; when you work the rails back and forth with the focus knob you can look and watch the arm move out and back. If the arm has disengaged from the rail, that can cause it to not work, and you just have to sit it back on and it works. Of course none of this answered your question, and if you don't feel comfortable messing with it, someone else might know of a place to send it; sorry I don't know of a shop. Best, David

-- david clark (, March 02, 2001.

There is a good web site on Graphic and Graphlex cameras. I think it has the details on how to adjust the rangefinders.


-- Doug Paramore (, March 03, 2001.

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