Where is everyone?

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I keep hearing on the Junkyard Wars site from Scrapheap fans (often a downrating of the American version). Yet when I found this site, it's all but dead???? Where are all the Scrapheap fans?

-- Devin T. Ross (dross@telerama.com), March 02, 2001


They have "hoof in mouth" and can't talk.

-- John Gap (mindthegap64@hotmail.com), March 31, 2001.

Actually Junkyard wars is the downrated takeoff of scrapheap challenge. It's another invention that you yanks have stolen just like the steam catapults used on aircraft carriers.

-- paul mclaren (824739@supanet.com), April 20, 2001.

We are probably all building and welding and trying our machines out. Not nerding in front of a website all day unless ill or at work.

-- Nada Marinovic (nada@browns-distribution.co.uk), June 14, 2001.

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