Why do 6 corporations control media worldwide?

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go to the link, read about the 6 corporations which control the media worldwide.... Do you feel they can objectively offer 'news' or is it more like propaganda paid for by the 'highest bidder'?


-- Ann Wilson (greatflyer2001@yahoo.com), March 01, 2001


Greetings: I am going to answer your question based on truth. Our world is evil, led by the evil one. 1 John 5:19 We know we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. Those who are of God have the truth in Jesus Christ. Those who dont are led of the evil one. Think about it why do they call programs, programs?Our society, culture is programmed according to those who live in rebellion to God. Children murdering others, road rage, Why? because out of the heart a man speaks, read Mark 7:20-23, I pray that the Lord open your eyes to truth, lest you are decieved by the lies of Satan. Jesus alone can set you all free from the deception!

-- ALex a follower of Jesus (Jesusislife@Christianemail.com), March 07, 2001.

As to the original question: those who follow a corporate agenda like to talk about "free" enterprise. You are free to build a car, if you choose.

A guy called Tucker tried it, just after World War II, in a big plant in Detroit that had built bombers. Innovative ideas, but he needed a lot of money and the auto makers at the time blocked him. He made 50 cars.

A guy called Henry J. Kaiser made buckets of money in World War II building little warships called corvettes for convoy duty. He built the Kaiser and the Henry J - and lasted until the early '50s. but they froze? squeezed? him out, also.

Then foreign cars came in and, being well built and with some quirky advertising (VW asked how the snow plow driver got to his snow plow - why, in a VW, where it was small and light and had the weight over the driving wheels).

Now - the big ones are buying or squeezing the little ones out, worldwide.

They call it "free enterprise", but what they really mean is "private enterprise" - they love competition among their suppliers (if they haven't bought them out) and they love it among their customers, but they hate it among competitors and will do whateveris needed to get rid of them.

When half a dozen entities control 80% of the market, prices become contrived.

I used to sell corn-fired heaters, and now, sort of retired, am helping a friend who built his own innovative stove that burns grain as well as corn promote his stove, largely on the internet.

Remember that the biggest cost of heating is fuel: why force yourself to buy fuel from a member of an international petro cartel, when you can buy from any of half a million farmers?

And - let the half a dozen members (all privately owned, so they make few reports of their activities) of the international cartel that controls world grain, who keep the prices paid to farmers low, ensure that your cost of fuel will remain low for the foreseeable future? If you don't cut your own wood.

Subvert the corporate agenda.

Good wishes to you all.

Ed Baker

-- Ed Baker (eddbaker@yahoo.com), July 22, 2001.

Because you have let them.

-- aaa (a@anon.com), August 31, 2001.

Hello, My name is Srinivas. I live in India, am 25 year old young guy, single. I'm Christian.

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Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao, Jillellamudi Vari Lane, Eastern Street, Eluru-534001, Andhra Pradesh-India.

-- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (pillasrinivas3@netscape.net), July 04, 2002.

No, they can't objectively offer 'news'. There's only six corporations because those countries bought out others in attempt to make more profit. If there are any corporations or organizations that care more about being objective than maximizing their profit margins, they won't ever have the power that these six corporations have. These six use their power to produce a movie, have the magazines that they own to rave about the movie, have the record company they own to put out a soundtrack for that movie, and advertise the cola drink that they own before showing the movie and in commercials. This is just an example, but it isn't far-fetched.

-- John Pfenning (pfennings@attbi.com), May 23, 2003.

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