"Phoenix" breed of chicken?

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I have a teeny little hen. I mean, teeny! Like a large pigeon. Someone told me she was a gamefowl, someone else said the bird was a Phoenix. Well, after 2 years within this same flock (of assorted birds), she got whupped but good. Now she is in the house healing, and I'd like to get her some friends of her own kind. But I don't know what she is! Didn't see Phoenix listed on the Feather Site, either. She is basically a beige bird, nothing really remarkable about her. She does not really look like the bantees I've had in the past. Would appreciate any ideas about what she might be.

-- Shannon at Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary (gratacres@aol.com), March 01, 2001


Here's a link to see a Phoenix

Good luck!

-- Connie (Connie@lunehaven.com), March 01, 2001.

A Phoenix male is definitely distinctive. Go look at the pictures. The Murray McMurray site has more pictures too. you might try getting some very small bantams like the bearded d'uccle, etc.

-- Anne (HealthyTouch101@wildmail.com), March 01, 2001.

The Phoenix is a good sized bird, so is the game bird, altho there are bantam games. Here's a pic of the Phoenix:


Your bird sounds like a bantam Cochin, but it could be a mix. That makes it hard to find a picture!

Here's a list of breeds of chickens. Check out the bantam Cochin and the size. They come in many colors, not all shown here. One of my Cochins is beige:


-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), March 02, 2001.

Try looking at dabarn.net/index3.html It sounds like you have an Old English hen. The url that I gave you has a picture.

-- (rburris@dol.net), March 02, 2001.

My guess is bantam Wheaten hen.These are tiny even for bantams and are reddish straw color(wheaten duh).Also usually very calm and tame.

-- JT (gone2seed@hotmail.com), March 02, 2001.

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