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Recently I've had to throw away several sweaters and other clothing. They had been eaten by moths. One of my favorite sweaters among them! How do I get rid of the the moths? I've taken everything out of our closet and shaken them outside in the cold, checked them all for moths and retruned them to the closet. I know that's not enough. Please don't suggest moth balls. I couldn't stand to walk around smelling like those. I would rather wear holes! Any herbs or other proven remedies you can think of? Also, are the clothing moths going to get into my cereal products and vice versa? Because I do find an accasional moth on the kitchen ceiling. Help! Please!

-- bob (, March 01, 2001


cedar chips will repel them,, how long did you keep them outside, is it cold there? could keep them frozen for a bit to kill any eggs, moths, that are in it. Then vacume everything in the closets, and hang cedar chips, make little bags for them

-- Stan (, March 01, 2001.

+1 on the cedar chips idea.

If you can get some cedar wood, you can replace the bottoms in your drawers with cedar which will repel moths. In the closet, hang up some old stockings filled with cedar chips dispersed around the closet. Cedar is a natural repellant to moths and some other insects. And the smell is quite pleasant, especially when you compare it to mothballs. I don't blame you for not wanting to use those.

-- Chris Hedemark (, March 01, 2001.

How sad Bob. As a spinner and knitter, I understand what you feel. If you have any more very cold weather, or space in your freezer, subject the items to a week at 0o. The longer the better. That kind of cold will kill eggs and larvae. If it's too warm in your area now or you don't have freezer space, you can use very hot water. Be sure the sweater has no trim that can be damaged by hot water and that it is color fast. Get a fairly large pot and heat water to about 190o- 200o. Slowly and gently allow the sweater sink of its own weight in the water. Cover and let it set until cool. This will also kill eggs and larvae. When the water is cool, pour it off and allow the sweater to drain. You can put it in your washer at this point with towels or something as a counterweight and allow it to SPIN ONLY to extract water. I have some old window screens supported on an accordion dryer that I use to dry wool and woolen items. If you have some arrangement like that use it. Otherwise just spread the sweater on towels on a moisture proof surface and allow to dry. Pat it to shape as you lay it out in as near its original form as possible.

This will take care of the critters in the sweaters themselves but you have to clean, clean, clean to get all the hidey holes where mama moth may have laid eggs. Even dog hair in a vacuum bag will be attractive to her! Then use the cedar as earlier suggested. I use little bags with cedar shavings and refresh them with cedar oil every spring when I put the sweaters and such away.

-- marilyn (, March 01, 2001.

From what I have seen, the best way to get rid of your moths would be to "flog" out your clothes a bit, then seal up the room and light several candles. Close the door and shut out other light sources. Bingo - crispy critters.

-- Soni (, March 01, 2001.

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