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Below is an email I sent to Cagiva Italy, and their reply...

"I have heard that in America all early MV agusta F4S models with the single radiator are being recalled for a second radiator to be fitted. Is this true? Why is it not happening in the uk?" Subj: Oggetto: MV Agusta recall? Date: 01/03/01 10:02:12 GMT Standard Time From:

"The truth is that only 2001 models are provided with two radiators but this doesn't mean that two radiators work better than one! Best regards"

-- hot and not bothered (, March 01, 2001


Not true - I have a 2000 F4S, U.S. version - and mine has dual radiators.

-- Jeremy (, March 03, 2001.

Dear All

From my experience "DO NOT BUY A CAGIVA". Why you may as, well last year I bought a Cagiva 600 Canyon, and I've had nothing but trouble. In 13 months it been off the road for at least 4 months. Yesturday riding back from Cornwall to Brisol (England) the piston rings have gone. Bare in mind that the bike has done under 10,000 miles from new. This is last in chain of problems.

Mailing Cagiva either UK or Italy is a waste of time. I've sent them about 10 emails starting from last year and still no reply. Customer service (in the U.k) again a waste of time, you just get past from pillar to post and basically fobbed off.

In closing my advise to anyone who reads this is either buy a Jap, Brit, or a Harley, cos Italians look good but thats about it

Yours Andy

-- Andy Thomas (, April 16, 2001.

about the radiators on the f4 models i give you my constatation only the oro models are fited with the big 32elements radiator plus the extractor all the F4S are fitted with two radiators why because the big 32 elements was to expensive and this piece was manufactured in Japan

-- stevenart leon (, April 22, 2001.

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