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Our mortgage offer was dated 10 August 1989 - in October 1990 our solicitor wrote to Nationwide saying "no payments have been missed" and "there should be no arrears on the mortgage". On 24th August 1995 an order for possession was suspended on payment of a monthly sum by the Defendants to Nationwide. On 10th January 2001 Nationwide wrote to us, the Defendants telling us that our mortgage account was 9053.52 in arrears and could they discuss the options available for clearing the arrears - upon telephoning Nationwide we were told that not been paying enough mortgage money in 2000 and we had accrued arrears of "approximately 292.28p plus 80.13p giving or taking a few pounds or so" - on 6th February 2001 Nationwide wrote again to us saying that "arrears" stood at 9053.52 - we have seen a solicitor since and he wants us to provide a "global picture of building society interest rates currently on offer in March 2001. Could anyone suggest to me a way out of the enormous confusion that exists with this situation? Our home is a one-bedroomed flat in Shirley Southampton Hampshire England - it is worth approximately 40,000.00 on the English housing market. Thank you.

-- Lilian Cox (lwilliams@interalpha.co.uk), March 01, 2001

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