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Do you care about the discovery of life on Mars? And are aliens gay?

-- Tim (, February 27, 2001


Oooh microbes on Mars! wasn't there something similar on the moon? that fizzled out pretty quickly didn't it? or something? anyway, on the far more scientific topic of aliens being gay, obviously they an't ALL be gay unless they reproduce in some way we cannot comprehend (or something, presumably the same way we assume our parents, and relatives and teachers reproduce in order to block out the thought of teacher sex...)

-- Mr Rubery! (, February 28, 2001.

parents, teachers, old people, and aliens are asexual, silly! they can reproduce by themselves! duh!

*cough* i'll just keep telling myself that.

-- kate (, March 01, 2001.

I was, of course, the product of an imaculate conception. "How come your not the messiah, then?" people ask. Well, it's like this. At some point he's going to return, but God didn't want to risk it all going wrong. So just to check he could still do that whole create a baby without sex thing, I was brought into the world.

No really.

-- Tim (, March 01, 2001.

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