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more ideas for people with disabilities. Beside the raise beds, I also use a walker they are great for adding a basket or take plastic bags and tie them to it. Then you can carry your garden tools or the vegtables to and from the house. Since I don't have to use the walker in doors, I purchase a second one at the second hand store. Now I keep one at the front and back doors. 64 ozs. juice bottles are wonderful to mix up liquid fertilizer. I find these are much easier to carry. Thanks for all the good ideas from all you who have shared. Joanne

-- joanne (, February 27, 2001


I read in a gardening book I just got a good way to water plants and save back pain. Get a milk jug, fill it with water, poke little holes in the bottom, put the lid back on and set it down by the plant. It will drain slowly, watering nice and even. I thought that sounded like a good idea, then I just have to go around and refill the jugs. It also suggested (I think I saw this on this list too) that if you don't want to look at the jugs...bury them, but leave top sticking out of the ground to put the hose into.It is initially some work, but sounds like it would be easier to water after that.

-- Cindy in Ok (, February 27, 2001.

What a nifty idea... I have to do all my gardening in planters this year.... We saw an ad for a (expensive) planter called the Earthbox that is self-watering, self- feeding and weed free (yeah right!) anyway, how about this...

Build the planter, add two-liter soda bottles with a few small holes in them, cover with dirt up to the opening, and plant??? Do you think it would work?

I have rabbits, so fertilizing won't be a problem, and figured black plastic or paint on the outside to keep in heat....

-- Sue Diederich (, March 01, 2001.

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