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I am looking for some information on some batteries I have.Type of batteries I have are Edison. On the side of the case, has HED-180. This battery checks 1.2 volts.I have 5 of the series, to get 6 volts.I have 5 more series, to make another 6 volts.I pararell these together to make 12 volts.I have 2 sets of 12's I have series together to make 24volts.I hope you can understand how I am explaining this to you.Where you can understand how to help me.Question1-I am not sure, but I think,these batteries are 180 amps apiece or that is what is wrote on the side of them.Correct me if I am wrong on this,I only have 180 amp hour on all of them.They are 20 of them.Question 2-I can pull approx.8 or 10 amps for about 6 hrs.and they will pull down to about 21 volts.This don't seem like it has 180 amphr.I have a SW4024 Trace inverter it has a 3 stage battery charger.This battery charger starts out about 60 amps then 50, 40 and etc.about 2hrs.its charged up they will drain back down 8 to 10amps in about 6hrs.I can charge them up with my solar panels is about 6 to 7 amps about 6hrs of sunlight.It takes about a day and a half and they charge back up.I can still drain them down 8 to 10 amps in about 6hrs.I thought I might havenot been charging heavy amps to move the acid around in the batteries.These batteries have potassium hydroxide in them.These batteries were used in a fire truck for emergency water pumping. The guy said they havenot been used very much.These batteries look good by looking at them.I don't know if I can increase my amps hour or not if I would change the electrolyte.Shouldn't these batteries have more amp hr, than 50 or 60 amps in 6 hrs? If you know anyone who would have a old manual on these type of batteries would dearly appreciate it if you would let me know.This battery looks like it would be a good one to use for what I am doing.I know it isnot a good battery to use if you haft to buy them new, because the cost is so high, or a nickel battery.I will appreciate your help on this very much. David O'Neal

-- James David O'Neal (, February 26, 2001


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-- rene charland (, April 26, 2001.

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