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I'm sure there are lots of products specifically designed for this, but my local photo stores only carry the basic supplies. I would like to tone selected areas of my prints. Can anyone give advice about using rubber cement to block the areas that you don't want to receive the toning? Any other ideas or products that I might be able to find at an art store? Thanks.

-- Matt needham (, February 26, 2001


At an art store you should be able to find a product called Frisket. Its made specifically for doing exactly what you are wanting to do.

-- Ken Burns (, February 26, 2001.

Matt, I've used rubber cement with success on fiber base papers. I have also used it successfuly to block areas while bleaching. Just brush it on the areas you wish to protect, let dry for 15 or 20 minutes and go for it! I suggest you do some testing on some scrap prints first.

-- Jim (, February 26, 2001.

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