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Hello all,

We are considering switching hcdl to one of the automated email/web discussion group services available on Yahoo or Listbot.

We would like to open it up to anyone who has any comments or concerns on this possiblity. Please do *not* respond on HCDL. I have set up a place for us to discuss this at:

HCDL OLDs Off List Discussions and Off Topic Subjects: http://www.house-church.com/hcdl-old.html

Just click on the link or past the URL into your browser. Respond to the question titled: poss switch to Yahoo groups or listbot

If this is too difficult you can respond to me privately. We will leave the discussion open for a week from today, before we go off and make a major decision.

Here is a brief outline:

1. We are considering the switch for cost purposes, trying to lower the cost of HCDL list and web site.

2. yahoo or listbot automatically archive messages for a year. They also offer an option for you to just go to a web page to see all the messages, and/or still get them via email.

3. Some things to consider on the pros & cons between the two:

A. Do you think it is offensive if when people sign up for our list they would have to give: gender, birthday zipcode and answer questions about employment - where they could choose the response *other*

Reason for asking. All things being equal, Yahoo groups offers alot more than Listbot, *but* there is no way around the above. So I'd appreciate some input.

Listbot requires virtually none of the above questions.

2. Advertisements: For those that get the list via email, yahoo offers an option with no ads for $59.40 per year

Listbot offers it for $240 a year and limits us to 5000 emails per month at that price. If emails go above that we pay more.

If we leave ads in the emails, their is not charge at all, the service is free.

3. Banner advertisements

If accessing the list via the web, both have banner advertisements, but Listbot seems somewhat subdued in their choice of advertisers.

4. extras

Yahoo offers file uploads, polling of members, more customizable emails sent to members ( for new subscribers, subscribers leaving, and banning subscribers) and auto subscribing of our whole list.


-- Barry Steinman (barry@discountchristian.com), February 26, 2001


I think that is a great idea!!!!!!!!! Go for it! After all, it makes sense. This will also open it up to more people just searching through the Yahoo/e-groups.

-- Jason Gross (orgamationX@aol.com), March 02, 2001.

We were using netzero for awhile and for the most part you can ignore the constant add banners that are the screen. Sometimes I found it a little disconcerting to be reading a Christian post or veiwing a Christian websight and an add for the Brittany Spears new video or for Rogaine flashes across the screen.

-- Les Shultz (Bledes@hotmail.com), March 04, 2001.

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