What happens after the court orders repossession?

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What happens after the court orders repossession? How many days do they give you to get out of the family home?

-- sanjay patel (sanjay.patel@stepstone.com), February 26, 2001


If the Court has already granted an order for repossession, then it should say on the order when you have to move out of your home. I believe its usually 28 days, although it does depend on your circumstances.

If you've been given a date for a court hearing for the possession, then I urge you to go. If you've got a family then the Judge will usually grant as much time as s/he can. If there is any chance that you can pay off your arrears, the court hearing is your chance to do it.

-- pendle (pendle@amun-ra.demon.co.uk), February 26, 2001.

Usually 28 days Sanjay, although the courts are pretty sympathetic to repossession cases and will sometimes extend the time to allow you to make other living arrangements.

-- jacky jones (jones5@btinternet.com), February 26, 2001.

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