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OK guys. Y'all are all the time talking about having runs of boxcars done up in ACL or SAL or SCL paint schemes. They're ALWAYS in HO. Now Atlas has released a 50 foot PS-1 boxcar in O-scale, just like the one ACL painted with their black and yellow "Another Cushioned Load" paint scheme. This scheme just happened to be the first time ANY railroad incorporated the company's initials in a slogan. How about our liasion guy contact Atlas and recommend they do about 50 cars and see what they say? I'd buy one. Anyone else?


-- David Wiggs (, February 25, 2001


Guys, guys,

My whole intention here was for Atlas to paint some of their new 50 FT PS1 boxcars in an HISTORIC paint scheme. Atlas has THE proper scale car for the "Another Cushioned Load" paint job. WE are an Historical Society. This is an opportunity we shouldn't let go by. I know their first run has a Seaboard car. That's all well and fine, but the ACL car set a precedent.


-- David Wiggs (, March 04, 2001.

For all you scale hi-railers, MTH has ACL E-8's. They will have the mars light. Take a look at the 2001, vol 2. A set of these will be operating on the Southern Coastline Railway system. Larry Childers.

-- Larry Lee Childers (SCLRS@MTHTRAINS.COM), March 03, 2001.

Forgot to mention that Agrico? (ex-ACL) 143 is an E-4. Not sure how late it ran, but any O-scaler living in a gymnasium and modelling the Agrico phosphate plant interchange during the early diesel years could still use one:).

-- Buddy Hill (, February 27, 2001.

For anyone interested in O-scale ACL steam, Bill's Train Shop is going to be releasing an O-scale version of the EBT Std. guage 0-6-0. If you compare the photo's of the S-scale version ( with prototype photos of an ACL E-4 0-6-0, I think you'll see that a very credible E-4 can be had with much less effort than you O-scalers are used to expending.

-- Buddy Hill (, February 27, 2001.


You will be interested to know that we are working on this situation, and even though I am in HO, I try not to forget O scalers. I have several things afoot, but I am not at liberty to say what they are. Your suggestion is a good one, and I'll pass it along.

The Centennial cars were chosen by the BOD to appeal to the greatest number of modelers, and hence, create the greatest number of sales. This is why we have selected HO. There are several very active and talented O scale modelers who have the ear of the Board regularly, Sammy Hill and Ron Dettmer to name two, so you folks have not been forgotten. It's just that we are dealing with fewer modelers and fewer manufacturers.

Frankly, right now, I envy you. You have, from Atlas, a beautiful model of the SD-35 and SDP-35 at a reasonable price. I'd give my eye teeth to have a good SDP-35 in HO lettered for SAL, as Atlas has done in O.

Regards, and keep the comments coming. I can't know what you want if you keep silent.

Paul Faulk Manufacturer's Liaison

-- Paul Faulk (, February 27, 2001.

I feel I need to clarify my original comment/beggin' about "Doing Something for the O-scalers". If our liasion can persuade Atlas to do the "Another Cushioned Load" car, some of them need to be in two- rail. They're a too big a pain in the butt to convert from one to the other from what I've heard in the Otrains newsgroup. And that's my 1/48th cents worth.


-- David Wiggs (, February 26, 2001.

Count me in. MTH is making quite a bit of ACL O-gauge/scale stuff, some of it pretty accurate. Sadly, the new Lionel R-1 is 'wheel disadvantaged' to end up only a Hudson. :-( Marc

-- Marc Hamel (, February 26, 2001.

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