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Alright kids, gloves on... UK or the USA? And I want to see blood!

-- Tim (, February 25, 2001


Neither. Canada kicks ass. Duh.

-- becca (, February 25, 2001.

erm, like I said, UK, USA or Canada?...

-- Tim (, February 25, 2001.

Interesting entry, Tim... I never thought about it that way before, mainly because I live on the OTHER side of the pond.

But honestly, given the choice, I'd take Canada over the USA and UK. Sorry to break it to you.

-- Chris (, February 25, 2001.

Of course Canada is superior to the US and the UK.

As well Tim, you said that the US invented basketball, but actually it was a Canadian, Dr. James Naismith, who invented the sport. Another major sport that did not originate from the UK, but rather Canada, is hockey.

-- Mattt Enss (, February 25, 2001.

I resent the fashion sense comment. Ahem.

But yes, British people do seem to rely on American popculture heavily. Almost all the songs on Radio 1 were bad Eurotrash dance music or Shaggy and Outkast. Dido possibly being the only British artist (not dance) on heavy rotation. Almost all the (non-bad) television was American. But, lately, I've been whining about "going back to England. I don't wanna be HERE! I wanna be in LONDON!" and at least once a day for the past year, a sentence starts with "In England..." SO I guess that answers your question.

(Psst. Yorke didn't hump a piano, silly! Jonny had the nifty little telephone booth-a-majiggy called the ondes moncelot which makes the funny sounds.)

-- Krysten (, February 26, 2001.

Okay, so annoyed with you for saying basketball is American! That's not quite as bad as when people in England assume I'm nearly an American.

You did raise a good point, a lot of every culture is based on American things--but surely that's just a better reason to resent them? For inflicting their culture on everyone and everything, I mean.

As to which is better--well, Canada's far better than the States, but I, as shown, would rather live in England. Mostly for historical and people reasons, I think (by which I mean that I love seeing all the old things around, and there are people over here I love to be with).

-- Sarah Joy (, February 26, 2001.

UK all the way bay-*bee*! I was 12 when I had my first English class, and our teacher insisted we spoke British English. It stuck. In years to follow, I would fall in love with all things British, lkike the Sex Pistols, the Beeb, Mark Lamarr, etk. I even work for/in a UK company now. [Speaking of that, can someone point me towards a celebrity from Northern Britain? Today, someone said I had a northern accent. I want to know what/whom I sound like.]

-- Sofie 'Melle' Werkers (, February 26, 2001.

As a visitor to all these countries I would say that I enjoyed my visit to Canada most. but only for the big long roads where you could leave the steering wheel of the car and all sit in the back of the huoge cars they have there. Netball was an American invention by the way...not British I don't think. That was a question they had on the Weakest Link. The only thing keeping the British better then the Americans! and now they have it AND Anne Robinson. Well seeing as I've rambled long enough I'll close with some satsistics about Americans

Statistically Americans are the most intelligent people in the world, with an average IQ of 108.

Staistically Americans are the most psychopathic people in the world with 1 in 7 being clinically psychopathic.

Draw your own conclusions...

-- Mr Rubery! (, February 26, 2001.

see? Like I said. Canada kicks ass. I AM CANADIAN. Except for when I lived in Germany, no one could tell the difference between Canadians and Americans. There were all, "Oh, do this have ______ in USA??" and I was like, "I don't know, I don't live there!". It was a fun game.

-- becca (, February 26, 2001.

Except I have to admit that British accents are so much cooler than Canadian ones... I'm jealous.

-- becca (, February 26, 2001.

I'm proud to be an American! It's all about Cali, yo!

But oh god, I could listen to a british guy talk for hours and hours and hours - it's such a turn on! well, the professional sounding accents anyway, not the dirty bum types...whatever that is. Are there different accents if you live in different parts of the country? Like here, I can tell if people are from the south, or like, New York, or midwest just from the way they talk.

But power to the states, dude! USA all the way! :o)

yeah, i'm corny...i know...

-- Jessica (, February 26, 2001.

You've all forgotten Australia. Okay, so Australia *is* about 90% dump/hole, but still... I'm insulted.

Out of UK or US, I'd have to go UK. Probably because I was born there, which instantly improves any country... ;)

-- Zoe (, February 27, 2001.

Yes. I've never been to america...but every other country knows what it's like...we've had bloody coke and mc.-feckin-donald's shoved down our gobs for god knows how long. Anyway...In sense, if it won't for Mr. Columbus...America wouldn't ahve been discovered 4 yonks. probably. And the americans are just hybrids of Brit's and Africans and some other yobs. I'd take England any day... By the way... it's football...not bloody soccer! (if this offends anyone...don't email me abusing moi....this is my opinon, deal with it)

-- holly clarke (, February 27, 2001.

Man, America is way better than the UK. (Although I've never been to the UK) And our sense of style? How can you diss that? You call pants TROWSERS for God's sake. I pride myself in my style, in fact. So lick a duck.

-- adam (, February 27, 2001.

I can't believe all the tirval trash going on here. Though I don't know much about Australia (would like to) all of these countries are very diverse. The Maritime provinces of Canada are very different than Manitoba, New York is so totally different than St. Louis or Pheonix, London is not at all like Manchester or Liverpool. Are we voting for our neighborhoods or a country? Each has their great parts and their sewer. I live in and like the US best probably. I have lived all over this country and it's size and diversity is just amazing. Somehow I always wind up back in the MidWest. Why, it certainly isn't the greatest part of the US, but it is home, where I was raised. I think that is what everyone here is trying to excuse. By the way, if you hate all the things in the UK that come from the US don't support them. They won't stick around for long if they aren't successful. Personally it disgusts me at the crowds that are at fricken Micky Dees here. How tasteless. :)

-- Bill (, March 02, 2001.

i'm gonna say neither. i hate favouritism. i'm one of those people that hates nationalism and would love it if everyone was into the idea that we're all great cause we come from the same universe, solar system, blah blah blah. (corny but - i'm for all humans not just americans or whatever.)

-- laurel (, March 03, 2001.

im all for humans - with the americans!

-- James Kerr (, March 04, 2001.

I don't understand all this Canadian superiority, but the only experience I'd ever had with Canada was the TV show "Due South" (wait, didn't that take place in Chicago?) and parts of British Colombia that seemed sort of like extensions of Seattle, only...not. But I'm willing to love all of Canada if only because of Cary Shields. He rocks. I am a fan.

-- Niks (, March 05, 2001.

Canada is the best just because Roy Dupuis lives there!

-- Susie Sue (, March 05, 2001.

With respect to Canada. When you leave for Europe is there a law which forces all Canadians to display a Canadian flag on their clothing / rucksack? Or is this just to warn others that you are not from the U.S. (although you may sound it) - and therefore not to hate you instantly? The English have a lot in common with Canadians - they both define their nationality by what they are not (U.S.A. in the case of Canada and Europe/U.S.A. for the Brits). Here is my contribution - go there, speak to the people, live the life. We're different, but that's why it's fun. Cheers! Faz

-- faz (, March 08, 2001.

Uh - first of all, Canada wasn't even a part of the original subject. Second of all, Canada is clean and beautiful with lots of handsome men and ordinarily nice looking women but it is so blaaaaah. SO blah. I like it, I do, but it's the same reason I like magazines. Magazines - never anything quite zesty, or new. Nothing to get the pulse going, but nice all the same. That is Canada. Now the US. They've got the boiling pot atmosphere going for them. (Or us, rather.)

I have never been to the UK so I won't subject everyone to baseless opinions but I'd have to say the US is better than Canada, hands down. (With notice that I'm only laying down a judgment b/w Canada and the US because while it might not have been the original topic, it somehow weasled it's way in.)

Lastly - if you don't like American things in Britain, don't frequent them. And PLEASE don't say we're shoving our culture down your throats. We ran away from you and thrived. You're still holding a grudge, that's all. Jealousy is bad. Bad, bad, bad.

-- Victoria (, March 09, 2001.

All of the countries mentioned above have good points and bad points. Personally I'm from the UK which I think fully deserves the 'Great'. On the other hand, I've worked for a large Canadian Company so though I don't mind the people, I do have something against their companies.

And one final thought for all North Americans - Stop being so insular! (oh and get an ecological conscience).

-- Peter Ford (, April 08, 2001.

I am from the UK and I absolutely love my country. I think that we have a heritage to be proud off which other countries dispise of, ie: Ireland and USA. I think that first of all countries like Ireland should shut their faces cos the UK could so clearly batter the f**k out of them and second of all incase anyone is intrested the USA's army and basically military power is the biggest in the world, BUT it is not the finest the UK's is so you make your mind up. I think that if it ever came to war (which it hopefully wont) that neither country would technically win cos we would both blow each other up in the end it would be equal. I dont mind some things American in my country either, like i personally quite like McDonalds but there is too many USA commercials and i think that the american people in a way are ignorant. Because lets face it im pretty sure that I know more about your country then you do about mine. No American really cares about any other country out of their borders which is a shame because the USA is such a newly developed country that they are missing out on many diverse cultures and civilistations. (Britain for one) I hope this helps!

-- James Darlington (, April 11, 2001.

I love Americans..........just couldn't eat a whole one !

Seriously-things I love about America. 1.You have a Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter-us Brits just get a Spring and Fall. 2.You have this endearing chumminess towards strangers and I can still get quite emotional when a stranger waves at me from a car. 3.Unlike the Brits you believe your govt represents its people and NOT manages them. 4.I admire the Americans' patriotism and love of God.When we try to be patriotic it seems more xenophobic !!

Things I hate

1.You don't understand irony-everything is taken too literally 2.You are too insular.Nothing matters outside of the States.Not many people know OR want to know what goes on elsewhere.Even your news readers have to tell you which countries cities are in.e.g there was a bomb explosion in Paris,France/Rome,Italy as if you need to be told !! 3.Americans (men in particular) are too materialistic.They'll tell you what car they drive,how brilliant they are at their jobs,how much bonus they make just after having met them. 4.You gave us "Married with Children" say no more

-- Mark (, April 22, 2001.

I like all of the places-UK, USA and Canada. I'm form england myself and I personally hate anne robinson with a passion.I like americans ans Canadians just as much as the next person but I dont agree with the stereotypical way in which the english are sometimes portrayed as being stinkin rich, living in mansions and being really snobby.Im from the north and have never been to london in my life. oh, and just cos I'm from the north doesnt mean i'm a farmer or that i live on tea and mangleworzels. hope this helps!

-- jennifer (, April 30, 2001.

i am Australian and proud of it. i also live in USA for 12 months and loved it but would not say any of the countries is better than the other. i find English people to be reserved and most Americans rather loud but both quite likeable. so quit bagging each other out.

-- maggie jones (, May 07, 2001.

I live in the United Kingdom and I regretably say that I have come to loath it here - it is not the England I used to recognise and for the most part there's a large proportion of British people who are everything but British, both in their attitudes towards other people or their country. The British are not called a "yob" or "sub" culture for nothing.

I have been to the States many times, and one thing I did like is how easily people interact with others say when out and about. Conversely I find the British lifestyle very demening - one of staying in all night - afraid to go out through fear of abuse or attacks from scum living on stink estates and/or idiot car drivers who hate everyone else on the road. The people you do come across in many towns are ignorant, unaproachable and often voilent. The crime statistics merely reflect this. Yes - there are good people in this country, but they are getting smaller in number every single day.

In the States people go out to eat and relax. In the UK people go out to annoy others. This marked difference is one of the main reasons I'm leaving this country; to me it is not a green and pleasent land but a grey, over-crowded, expensive and voilent hovel revelling in its own stupidity whilst the rest of the world moves forward regardless.

If you've got no money and want a home, with 15 children and wish to live on state handouts for the rest of your life, then this is the country to live in. If you want to stand around on street corners and hurl abuse at or mug people with little fear of being caught, the same applies - this is the place to be.

If you want to make something of your life and get somewhere I personally would suggest moving to the States or another part of Europe. To me this country is a lost cause and I see no change in the next century either.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

-- Wayne (, July 21, 2001.

I think you are being a bit harsh on us Wayne. There are a lot of good things about England. I live in London and work in an off licence, i have encountered rude and violent people but most people are quite nice. You shouldn't just remember the bad people you meet. The crime ain't that bad, I don't think it's worse than anywhere else.

I've been to several places accross the country because my parents always like to go on holiday in England cos it's cheaper. there are some really beautiful things in our country, up north there are lots of erm..... sheep, which is nice and the drinks are cheap up north, fantastic. But in London there's loads of really good stuff, the main problem is that it's rull of tourists which means that you don't actually meet any londoners untilll you go to the suburbs.

I would love to go to the states one day, the thing that botheres me about americans is that they think they are so great just because they are american. They were origonally european anyway. the thing is that there are great people and horrible people everywhere. My aunt live in america, she married a GI, she loves it there.

Love Frances. PS. Americans do have bad fashion sense and a lot of them are fat.

-- Frances (, July 25, 2001.

I would say the Uk beats any other country, lets face it US was once owned by the UK untill civil war! Our Kings and Queens are the most famous and talked about in the world, beating any other country by far!

-- Gaz (, April 14, 2002.

I think all you guy's need to chill the f**k out for a second. Trying to compare The U.K./U.S.A/Canada/Australia, is like trying to decide which of an identical pair of twins is the best looking. We in the U.K. do have a lot of history going back a couple of thousand years, but then, so do a lot of other European countries. We have bothed kicked ass in war and had our ass kicked!! so the military argument is about as constructive as boiling water in a chocolate kettle. We should look more at the similarities rather than the differences. We are all linked together forever due to the colonialist antics of ALL European countries over the last few hundred years. The USA etc should be considered an extention of European history/culture. Our history should be regarded as their history. Let's all be friend's, there's too much vanity in the world as it is......peace.

-- phil (, April 28, 2002.

Hi Everyone, I would just like to clarify. All of the above points are valid, But things have got out of hand. So... England, Owned america until a civil war, created the languige most americans use to communicate and gave america culture. America has given uk... hmm... fast food, sitcoms, and a small ammount of music. I completley disagree with people refering to brits as "Yobs" Incase all of u stereotypicas bastards out there dont realise that england is not just LONDON... perhaps you may have heard of place called OXFORD, one of the most beautiful, peacful places in the world. DO NOT MAKE GENERALISATIONS DUE TO THE FACT TAHT YOU ARE UNEDUCATED AND KNOW ONLY A CERTAIN AMMOUINT ABOUT A COUNTRY. One is not saying that ENGLAND IS BETTER THAN THE USA, that is not true... there is no such thing as once country been better than another, but ENGLAND HAS CULTURE, HISTORY, A REPUTATION, CLASS, ELEGANCE. and to one of the other posters... mentioning that if you want to make a go of your life, he suggests you leave the uk... lets just use richard branson as an example... no more need to be said!

-- Philip Morris (, May 06, 2002.

LUV AMERICAN... HATE ENGLISH! .... DUHHHH thats y our tv channelz keep on translating when an english speakz!.. they're soo pathetik!

-- kicker (, June 29, 2002.

As an US citizen, I have always seemed to think of the Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom as the most steadfast allies and friends of the United States. Each of our nations are deeply woven together by common civil and political values and a brave history of defending such values. Granted, much can be contrasted between our nations, but this is more a reflection of each country's' unique national identity then it is a foundation for division.

-- Matt Teegarden (, July 22, 2002.

The guy who put that bit up about sub-titles for English accents has just summed the U.S up perfectly in a way that the rest of the world will laugh at but he'll just not have the intelligence to get his head round. I'll keep it simple.U.S invented fast food and has worlds highest concentration of elephant-arsed fatbastards.UK gave the world football. U.S still doesn't know how to play it. Need I say more?

-- (, July 28, 2002.

US, UK, Australia? you must be kidding. The best place to live is Pakistan. You can have a cook, a driver, maid, security guard, all for the average salary u all make over there. So you have all the time to party and have fun at the beach.

-- kj (, July 31, 2002.

If you can stand the smell in Pakistan

But I guess you get used to it

-- Not telling you (, December 02, 2002.

theres really no comparision that can be made between the usa and great britain. The USA wins hands down. I know thats painful and hard to accept for u brits but its the truth and the truth hurts. I've lived in the USA and britain and what that guy said about brits attitudes is true its not really a muticultural society like the usa because of a rigid class system which hads been in effect for centuries and would not permit "outsiders" to gain equal status at the very upper echilons of british society. The USA on the other hand promotes a much fairer and equal society. British people like the USA in general but display a kind of smug satisfaction and poke fun at how dumb they percieve americans to be. I laugh when i see this all the time on their news broadcasts and tv shows. I suppose when you lost your empire and now only serve as a backup to the greatest military power on earth you have to let off some stem. What i find most hilarious is the "yeah but your so dumb we in britain are so cultured compared to u americans" in this day and age excuse me but no-one gives a f&ck about how cultured you are. I know from living in britain that 80% of the t.v and nearly 100% of films are american. This is why brits think they know so much about america. Britain is the most shabby country in europe with a bunch of "mob cultured" thugs who love to spread their cultured ways by rioting and destroying other ppls property when they go abroad. Believe me they are jealous and there is no comparision. Anyone who says differently is lying and british and probably going in to eat a mcdonalds burger and watch the sopranos. Can u imagine a program like the sopranos being made in britain " aowl rogh matey dony wans to see ya"<--- lmao my point exactly THERES JUST NO COMPARISION

-- jake the snake (, December 03, 2002.

I agree with Wanye's sentiments fully about Britain, if anyone believes that this country holds it own against other countries other than the third world is either living in ghetto heaven or delusional, unless of course you are one of those 128,000 refugees that have arrived this year! I myself can see no other solution but to emigrate, why not I am already a foreigner in my own country and I have the privilege of paying through the teeth for these parasites in tax. We have only our selves to blame for the state of this country when we elect the like's of left wing lunatics like Ken Livingstone who believe the only important issue's are banning cars from our roads and inventing poll tax on wheels, so we shouldn’t be to surprised that London is now the most expensive and uncompetitive city in Europe. I have a good job a house and a car but no quality of life or any real future here. When I sell my house here I will be able to live morgage free in the US and have a better house as well. Unless the government take's America's lead and puts it own people first and only give incentives to people who work, and also give priority to people's standard of living over minority bleeding heart liberal pressure groups and there anti car friends, we will continue spiraling into the sink hole that is Britain! So for now the USA wins hands down, see you guys soon.

-- Bryan (, December 04, 2002.

To the mentally defficent poster called jake the snake.

Are you merely lacking in education or are you simply what’s referred to as a "special needs case"?

You make me laugh. You just proved the stereotype that Americans ARE indeed Ignorant and stupid. Lol....still lol....*oh god it hurts*.... lol......

(By the way I am writing this from work where myself and my colleagues earn more in a day than you will in a year my friend. my how the class system has held us how terrible it was to gain a world class/Free University how terrible it is that we live in the most developed nation in the world-ENJOY POVERTY AND ECONOMIC CHAOS my American chum!)

-- (, December 21, 2002.

why in every film by americans...the british character (normally english)is always the bad guy??? all the americans think Mary Poppins is real life Britain???

-- Shango (, January 01, 2003.

yeah well i hope there really isn't that much animosity between everyone. I'm 18 and i plan to live in london this summer. Jesus Christ, is every person gonna think im a moron. I was looking forward to having an amazing time in london. I probably will, but hopefully I want succumb to hanging out with myself. Im sure most people in england are open-minded and just like a good joke about america. No real hate? Any advice for a guy like me gettin along well in the UK?

-- taj liotta (, January 03, 2003.

You'll be fine mate. We dont have a problem with americans at all. This is all bullshit, its just angry people having ago at each other under the pretence of disliking the other ones country. Enjoy you stay, Im sure you'll have a great time, although personally London can drive me mad when I spend too much time there. If your over for a while try and travel about a bit and head up to scotland if you can.

-- (, January 03, 2003.

This divisive chatter is kind of sad... each of our great nations is similar yet unique at the same time. Some characteristics are superior while others are inferior, but at any rate we should appreciate our similarities while also celebrating our differences.

Rather than arguing about our minor differences, we should rally around our considerable similarities. When there are factions of the world's population against all of our nations, it seems so much more important for each of us to understand each other (as well as our enemies) and our allegiance to each other.

More consideration and understanding of our friends and allies will do so much more than nit-picking each other based on our minor differences.

-- David Rardon (, January 09, 2003.

India is the best. Least hositile, un-imperialistic, peace loving, forgiving, multi cultural, diverse, not aggressive country unlike USA and UK. USA,UK are too good for their own ppl but pain in ass for the countries who don't follow them or say self appointed Dictator.

-- Mohit (, February 19, 2003.

many americans live under the false prentension that bigger is better

remember that in america entertainment is often believed to be culture

there is an inherent dumbing down of all great aspectsz of culture and life, i believe that culture gives body and life to a people and without it they are largely empty. of course history gives a strong body and sense of meaning and purpose, the us hav not got this to a great extent, therefore theyre culture is fast, headstrong and 'convenience' based

One american I met claimed that the US had invented the telephone & television, penicillin and more..they of course were British inventions as are many more.

I would like to ask this question, Do you Americans respect the British and what theyve done for the world, do you know anything of our history, our struggle in World War 2 ( 3 years before you came in )..Do you know anything of London, Birmingham, Plymouth, York etc

I understand that America has almost no history when compared to the British ( just a fact, not trying to be arrogant ). The pub i drink in down the road was built in the 1100's.

Anyway any thoughts on what ive said?

-- John-Charles Bloom (, April 06, 2003.

I think the states are nuts, a country full of nutcases with guns - London, UK is the best! Bloody septics!

-- OiOi! (, May 13, 2003.

America is the best. Why do you ppl hate us soo much? The fact that you all resent us is one huge clue to why AMerica is the greatest country, I have been to all of these countries excluding australia. You ppl say you are more tolerant than americans please, i was called yank so much in london i'm never going back. And what's the deal with english ppl how could you tell i was american just by looking at me? Do we all walk like John wayne or something? And as soon as a canadian finds out you are from the states they just stop talking to you. OUt of these three countries i like america my second choice would be germany, at least they seemed to think it was cool i was from america,( they all wanted to know whee i kept my gun for some reason.

-- Taylor (, May 24, 2003.

And another thing. Australians are really easy to get along with if you are form the states. because we both like cheap watered down beer and lambchops steak and sex. And were not afrais to be loud and have a good time not like you uptight brits. ;-)

-- Taylor (, May 24, 2003.

Scotland rules. I have an American flatmate, and my girlfriend is American and they both prefer living in Scotland. In America you have a megalomaniac in the white house and lots of gun hauling nutters, at least in Glasgow you wont get shot, you'll just get a sound beating! The main reason I like America is because my Converse are American (Although made in Veitnam). Come to Scotland and I'll take you to a bar were you can get a pint of lager for 50p or a pint of Vodka for £1.50.


-- Countbirko (, May 24, 2003.

One of the things many people underestimate about the UK is the sheer amount of diversity in such a small place. I mean, on geographical terms, Britain is no bigger than a small to medium-sized American state, yet we have snow-capped mountains in the North, the subtropical Isles of Scilly in the South, we have the flat plain and huge skies of East Anglia in the east and we have one of the most diverse coastlines in the world (Giant's Causeway, White Cliffs of Dover, Red Cliffs of South Devon, the Granite cliffs of Cornwall and the vast tidal wetlands around the Wash).

Sure America has things the UK does not. It has things like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the Everglades, its deserts, Hawaii, Alaska (to name but a few). But then Britain has things that America has no equivalent to like our ancient cities (Edinburgh, Oxford, Bath and Canturbury), things like St Michael's Mount, Chesil Beach, Cheddar Gorge, the Giant's causway...all these things are unique - yet confined within the shores of the world's 8th largest island.

America is also vast, and to see much of its wonderful and diverse landscape costs an awful amount of time and money. Native Brits and visitors to the UK from abroad should appreciate the fact that its vibrant cities (London, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh) and its fantastic countryside are all accessable within one or two days. Praising the UK or praising American/Canada doesn't mean one has to dismiss the other. They are all fantastic places with diverse and wonderful people in them.

People should stop squabbling and learn to appreciate what's around them.

-- Schnerf (, May 28, 2003.

You cant compare who cares we are all human beings we all descended from the same 2 human beings and thats fact. Theres more that unites the uk and usa then divides it. Land is land nothing more and these ppl bitching are the same type of ppl that want conflict round the world to continue

-- Mozzarelly (as if i dont want a virus, June 13, 2003.

Im not sure that i agree that we all come from 2 people, and im sorry to say i dont think that the people who debate this topic necessarily want to further war and chaos. I just think that its a pleasant diversion and a chance to goad other people into a reaction. As for my prefrence between the UK and the USA, well ive never been to the US so any opinion i form is wholly on hearsay and what ive seen. On the whole i think that the American Media has a lot more power than its given credit for. IT can produce villans(practically any celebrity who opposed war) and it can elect presidents, it can sway public opinion enough to make war a noble crusade that must be undertaken for americans(never mind anyone else) to sleep soundly in their beds. I believe that post 9/11 the american goverment could have invaded almost any country they wanted and could have had the support of the public. Only time can tell how long the public will continue to allow the US goverment to run wild. But im biased being British and so what does my opinion matter. Well it matters as much as yours.

-- Michael (, October 04, 2003.

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