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Hope someone here can help...I'm lost!

I have an imac w/USB HP deskjet 932. When I print thru Quark/Illustrator (which is mainly what I use), it will NOT print to scale. It prints smaller. My print settings/doc setup scale is at 100%, fit in print area is not checked, etc.

If I run the SAME document from my old Power Mac 6500 to its Epson 600/SCSI, its perfect, inch per inch. At first, I thought it was the HP, so I got another (Lexmark) & still the same result when running from the Imac.

I tend to think its the imac rather than the application or printer. Checked my quark preferences, etc, they match on both the imac and power mac. I just can't figure it out.

PLS HELP...the type of work I do requires I be within a 1/16" of what's in the document...I'm pulling my hair out...thanks!

-- cheryl nowakowski (, February 24, 2001

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