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I had a nice little bout with my self-retracting kickstand today.....

after looking at everything, I was thinking I got away bar end is touching my fairing now, keep in mind, I was UNDER the bike when it fell.....and I was able to keep it from touching the ground was almost as if I 'set' it down softly.....

I put pics on the web, could someone please tell me if their bar ends touch the left side plastic? Mine does not touch on the right, and just kisses on the are at the address can also see the need for a clutch lever and bar end.

If this isn't natural - how hard is it to fix, and how expensive?


-- Jeremy (, February 24, 2001


Jeremy, Sorry about your mishap. I just looked at my bike, and at full lock the bars DO NOT touch the side cover. There is about 2-3mm of space on both sides. I am sure you will have all ready for spring time. Jason

-- Jason Cohen (, February 25, 2001.

Wow is this wierd......2 owners have written me saying their bike has never been down and that their bar ends DO touch the side of the bike at full lock. One other owner has written me and said that their bikes DO NOT touch at full lock......

Shit. I wonder if my bar is bent or not, I don't see how, considering how softly it went down.....but maybe??

Thanks, Jeremy

-- Jeremy (, February 25, 2001.


My bar ends don't touch the fairing, but the left is closer than the right ?? Also, anyone else have problems with the rear brake pedal rubbing on the fairing ?? The brake is bled and really firm, but there's still enough travel to touch the fairing.


-- Lee (, February 26, 2001.

Long time since the original post but it could be possible that the risers have shifted on the fork tubes. There are clamping screws that could be loosened on the risers (clip-ons?)and the bars can be adjusted to they don't hit the fairing or just to even them out.

-- Bill (, February 12, 2004.

The way the fairing is mounted on this bike means that there is a big variation on positioning from bike to bike - I find the throttle tube assembly kisses the airtube covers as they come to full lock and the screen at the other extream - I know of a Senna that is prone to rubbing it's belly pan against the rear wheel on the left. If you think about the absolutly 'fixed' points that hold the body work on then its just the two on the back edge of the fairing sides - all the rest are a sequence of parts that can all have minor variations in positioning. The whole bike is like a jigsaw puzzle which holds together just fine when all the pieces are in place but once you start stripping them out it all gets a bit unstable.

-- Mark M (, February 18, 2004.

Mine fell off stand to R and again I was under it so it only fell lightly against a wall, bar bent quite badly, I was shocked how thin they are, It should not touch fairing, put a new one (off ebay) on and problem solved

-- mike smith (, April 03, 2004.

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