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I have a Terapin recorder which makes nice Video CDs.... and wish to extract (rip?) the sound portion of the VCD to an AUDIO CD.... How do I do this?

-- Tom Parke (, February 24, 2001


First your extract the *.dat files in MPEGAV back to *.mpg by using VCDGear, etc. (freeware). Then using, say, TMPGenc, demux the *.mpg into *.m1v/mp3 (or mp2 or mpa). You now have the *.mp3 files, which you can open in any NLE (i.e., MSPro) or apropriate audio editor that supports MP3 (i.e., CoolEdit), then save to an uncompressed 16b/44k/stereo *.wav file, which you can then use to author the audio CD with.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 25, 2001.

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