rabbit question (crust around anus)

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just checked my rabbits, (all 2 of them,) both does,, seem healthy, but 1 has a "crust" flakey, around her anus,, doesnt seem to bother her,, but dont know what it is? kept outdoors,, wire hutch, it is sheltered. No bedding,, they eat it,, fed well,, pellets and veggy scraps,, which they clean up,, and fresh water twice a day. Any ideas,, my books dont mention it??

-- Stan (sopal@net-port.com), February 24, 2001


Response to rabbit question

Might just be ammomia crystals from the urine bieng a bit strong. In the winter, with water freezing and less access for the rabbits, this can happen. Try to provide warm fresh water a little more often and some vegetables/fruit to give more fluids.

-- Kate henderson (kate@sheepyvalley.com), February 24, 2001.

Stan, another thought. I did look through the archives. Saw something on the goat one about adding apple cider vinegar to the water. Try it, can't hurt, but I would also have plain water available. Not good if they refused to drink any water if it tasted different.Kate

-- Kate henderson (kate@sheepyvalley.com), February 25, 2001.

My guess is the veggies are giving her diarrhea, stop treats for a couple days and just give pellets and hay and see if it clears up.

-- kathy h (ckhart55@earthlink.net), February 26, 2001.

My best guess is that she's overeating. Rabbits produce two kinds of dung. Hard 'day' pellets, which are what you find on the floor, and softer 'night' pellets, which they eat directly from the anus. This is not only normal, but essential, as it is the only way for them to get certain nutrients. If she is eating too much feed, she will not practice this (allbeit distastful to humans) coprophagy.

If she doesn't have a fever (anything over 103), she isn't sick.

First, make sure all veggies are well wilted before feeding - some contain so much water that they can actually drown a rabbit - and they will eat until they burst, cause they like them so much. Lettuce is one such delicacy.

My regular feed is 1 part pellets to 3 parts rolled oats. I have recently switched to using 3 parts of a grain mix (crushed corn, rolled oats, barley). They are doing great - with the added bonus from the oats of having thick and shining coats.

Every once in a while, add a little veggie oil to the feed. It helps with 'regularity.' Molasses is usually in pellets, but you can add a little if it isn't in the ones you use.

Don't worry - your rations, cages, care are NOT the problem!!! Sometimes rabbits just have jittery tummies!!

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), February 28, 2001.

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