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I'm looking to purchase a used Wood Grip/Hotshoe for my 67II. I would also like to have a 5P Sync Cord. Please contact me if you have one to offer. Thank you.

Mark Goodell safari@icontech.com

-- Mark Goodell (safari@icontech.com), February 24, 2001


Mark, You might consider purchasing a new one from Delta International (deltainternational.com). They sell the 67II grip for $179 USD. I'm not sure if they also sell the 5P Sync Cord, but you could e-mail them and find out. Otherwise you could get the cord through B&H. Good Luck RD

-- Randy Darst (darstdesign@cfu.net), March 20, 2001.

There is another way to achieve the same result, if you already have the standard P67 wood grip. Pentax offers an "Off Camera Shoe Adapter F" ($44.95 B&H). It will slide into the cold shoe of the grip, and has a dedicated hot shoe on top, with a 5-pin terminal on the side. The 5-pin cord ($24.95 B&H, coiled 3' cord) can connect the "Off Camera Show Adapter F" to the P67II camera, and you are ready for TTL flash. Attaching the cord to the camera is a tight fit, but it works. The excess cord can be wrapped around the base of the flash.

One problem is there is no simple way of tightening the "Off Camera Shoe Adapter F" in the cold shoe of the grip, so it wiggles, especially when a flash is mounted. For the do-it-yourself people, the grip can be dismanteled, and a carefully centered hole drilled in the shoe, through which a 1/4x20 machine screw can attach to the "Off Camera Shoe Adapter F" by means of it's built in threaded tripod socket. This makes it a solid mount.

Don't confuse the "Off Camera Shoe Adapter F" (cat. no. 31046) with another Pentax unit, the "Hot Shoe Adapter F" (cat. no. 31022) which is the same except there are dedicated flash contact pins on the bottom of the foot, rather than a tripod mount.

-- Bobby Mahaffey (mahajen@prodigy.net), March 20, 2001.

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