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My question is this, while inspecting our chickens this morning I noticed that three of the hens( 2 Barred Rock and a Black Sexlink) seem to be loosing feathers from their abdomen and lower breast area. The skin is red and patchy in areas especially along the breast bone. It almost looks bruised. The rooster has this bruised look along his breast bone as well but has not lost his feathers. Is this just from the roosts or nest, they all seem to be bright and alert and eating well. I look for mites and lice every couple weeks and still haven't found any. I've looked in all my info. and I'm stumped. Thanks for any and all information.

-- Kelle in MT. (, February 23, 2001


Are they acting broody? A broody hen will pick her breast feathers. mary

-- mary, texas (, February 23, 2001.

Watch them closely... broody hens will do that, but it doesn't explain the rooster.... Fighting? Possibly.

Mange might be the answer here. I'm not sure how to find out without calling the vet, who will take a skin sample and test it for you. Mange is easily treatable, and not a disease, so you can still eat the eggs. If eating the chicken is what you will do - get it checked. The meat most times won't be affected, but you can never be too safe in that regard.

-- Sue Diederich (, February 28, 2001.

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