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I've recently purchased a property with a large glasshouse and am interested in growing organic produce. Hydroponics for the glasshouse seems the most efficient but can this be done organically?, (certified organic?). Are there any reference books anyone can suggest. Thankyou. Caelan

-- Caelan Lock (, February 23, 2001


A contradiction in terms

You may wish to contact certifying organisations for official answers. However "organic hydroponics" sounds to me like a complete contraction in terms -- you would have a no-soil system, dependent on soluble nutrients, even if you derived those nutrients from "natural" sources and somehow avoided fungal diseases and other problems that hydroponics producers treat with chemicals.

Organic management -- by most definitions -- includes maintaining and enhancing natural soil fertility and adding nutrients (when necessary) in the form of plant and animal material, preferably composted first, which is slowly broken down by soil organisms before it becomes available to plants.

Good luck with your new property and I hope your "in the soil" organic produce grows really well.


-- julia hazel (, February 27, 2001.

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