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Will people remember you after you're gone? How do you realistically think you leave a lasting impression on the face of this earth?

-- alek (, February 22, 2001


Define "lasting." Will people remember me specifically? I can almost guarantee that they will not. But I've produced children, so I've left a mark of sorts. If I leave any mark, it will be in a very small circle and I'm sure nobody will know it's my personal mark.

-- Bev Sykes (, February 23, 2001.

In a few million years, the Sphynx and the pyramids will be dust...

In a billion years or so, the Earth will be swallowed in the expanding red sun....

In a trillion years, no one will even remember the Milky Way Galaxy.

All our names are written in sand, to be erased by the tides.

So would I like to be famous? Would I like to be remembered after I'm gone?

You betcha!!!!

(Hey, I never said I was consistent.)


-- Al Schroeder (, February 23, 2001.

I guess to be a bit practical, the memory of me will be genetic. Contained in the genes of my offspring mixed in with the genes of their mates and on and on. Should I want more ? Yes. Do I deserve more ? Probably not. Realistically Doug, pull in your Ionic ears and be happy.

-- Denver doug (, February 23, 2001.

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