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Where can I obtain information about the Beaufort and Morehead RR. ?This was a branch line to the ACL/SAL in eastern North Carolina.

-- W.A. Mitchell (, February 22, 2001


Folks, The reporting marks for the Beaufort & Morehead RR are B&MH, not B&M. B&M are the marks for the Boston & Maine. The FM switcher even has B&MH on the side of the cab. B&MH is also how it is listed in all of my ORER's. FWIW...

-- Russell Underwood (, February 23, 2001.

I plan to work with a local artist to build a layout ,in Morehead City, that will model the B&M RR. The information about the B&M in greatly appreciated!

-- W.A. Mitchell (, February 23, 2001.

Actually the B & M still exists, although the bridge over Gallant Channel linking the line into Beaufort no longer is there, and the Broad Street trackage is ripped up. The line until the mid 30's was leased to Norfolk Southern, which built a very fine looking station complete with tile roof. Station still stands in the historic dictrict, where it is used for civic meetings and events. The three Whitcombs (75, 85 and 95) are gone from the line, although I understand that they still exist. Radio Island, which is where the yards are, is presently in the middle of controversy over industrial development. The line, or what's left of it, is now owned by the State of North Carolina, has been resurfaced, has an engine house on the east end, and a new bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway. The gentleman who owned the line for many years, Alan Leary, Jr., is still alive and active. He's regularly in the office in Morehead City, and loves to talk about his railroad. His son, Alan III, also worked on the line and is a real estate broker in town. I, by the way, live in Beaufort, and run my speeder (with permission, of course) on the line occasionally.

-- Pete Wenk (, February 23, 2001.

Are you confusing two different railroads? The Atlantic & East Carolina RR, which connected with the Beaufort & Morehead RR, and ran to Goldsboro, NC, was "The Old Mullet Road". See TRAINS magazine article, January 1947 issue, about replacing steam locos with F-unit diesels. The ACL connected with the A&EC at New Bern, not with the B&M. The SAL was about 80 miles away in Kelford, NC.

-- Tom Underwood (, February 23, 2001.

Also see The Short Line, issue #45 for a roster of other units used on the B&MH.

-- Russell Underwood (, February 23, 2001.

There was an article in Model Railroader, Jan. 1990, about modeling the B&M. It included maps and aerial views of the entire railroad--it was only 3.5 miles long! Also has some discussion of the history of the road. There was a pertinent comment about the article in the March, 1990 MR in the letters to the editor section. The letter mentions that loco info is available from the "American Shortline Railway Guide" (Kalmbach). I am planning to include a connection to the B&M on my forthcoming ACL layout. --Jim Smith, Greenville, NC

-- Jim Smith (, February 22, 2001.

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