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Does anyone have one for sale or know of a source for a 55-100mm Zoom? I'm looking for a used one in the $700 to $1050 range. It is a rare lens it seems. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), February 22, 2001


Bob, feel free to give us a report/field test on this beast. This lens is so new that there isn't much feedback yet. I know that there are a lot of people who are curious about it. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), February 23, 2001.

The 55-100 zoom on Ebay looked interesting at first because it had no reserve and started at $999. But........there seem to be some bidders who don't know prices and have bid this item into the price of a new lens! It is now up there with Cayman, Delta Intl and World Photo. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), March 04, 2001.

Yes, they are pretty rare. Last year I looked hard and the best used price I could find was $1400.00. I ended up gettting a new one from Cayman Camera for $1239.00 plus $70.00 shipping. Henry's Photo of Canada recently sold a nice looking one on ebay for $1149.00, the lowest price I have seen. Maybe used ones will continue go get cheaper. Bob

-- Bobby Mahaffey (mahajen@prodigy.net), February 23, 2001.

Yes! Please do tell, I've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect exuse to get another 67, and I hope that this lens is it.

Any current user reports would be great. Also, I have a few images on my site that were shot with my old 67 outfit, so if you want to see fashion stuff, please check it out.



-- Robert Anderson (rap@rapfoto.com), February 27, 2001.

I found some interesting prices at Delta International (www.deltainternational.com). The 55-100 for $1357, and the 300 EDIF for $1749. These are NOT via Pentax USA, but I never worry about that for lenses. They are located here in the States so I'm sure shipping cost are reasonable. I have not purchased anything from them, but have heard of a lot of people buying Leica gear from them with great success.

Have a look, their lens prices are in line with Cayman after you consider shipping costs.

-- Scott Laughlin (scottlaughlin@mindspring.com), February 28, 2001.

I'll try to do some controlled tests with the 55-100, keeping records of exposure data and post the test results. I'll compare it to lenses in it's focal length range that I have, a 90mm LS, and a 45mm (I don't have a 55mm, that would be the ideal comparison. The 45mm will have to do.) Bob

-- Bobby Mahaffey (mahajen@prodigy.net), February 28, 2001.

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