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a repossesion was obtained in 1993 but no MJO. is it too late for the chelsea to obtain a MJO. also they confirmed in a reply to the CAB that the mortgage was redeemed in 1994 when the CAB wrote asking if i owed them any money.this letter was in 1999 i am still recieving letters from various debt agents with the usual threats.

-- mark (, February 22, 2001


Have a look just down the Q&A page under Money Judgement. It will not give you the definitive answer but it may well help. The lot after me have no MJO but nsay they do not need it. When I challenged this they disappeared and the file was passed back whence it came - not that I was told this I had to find out from my MP!!!!!

-- Matt (, February 22, 2001.

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