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Hello there I am using a PD150 and I am shooting in a semi dark area. Could someone help me with the white balance set up as I have just started shooting DV and am a learner.



-- Shaun Hunter (, February 22, 2001


If the semi-dark area is lit primarily by daylight, then the fixed "sunshine" setting will give good results. If you are shooting in artificial light, then the "light bulb" setting will be accurate if you are sure there are no fluorescent tubes contributing. The most accurate method is to perform a white balance by pointing the camera at a white sheet of paper in the area you are filming and pressing the white balance button. Don't forget to repeat the white balance when you change locations. In most conditions, the camera will work pretty well in auto white balance anyway, so if the above freaks you out, then auto could be the answer!


-- Gareth Watkins (, March 02, 2001.

Gareth has pretty much covered what I'd have said. If you want a longer guide to white balancing the PD150 try my own site

or if you want a more in depth explanation - I'd highly recommend

written by Tony Grant (freelance Cameraman)

-- Christina Fox (, March 11, 2001.

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