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I was in Hawaii on the Big Island about ten years ago when Kilhueaha was erupting. I thought it was very interesting because we got to fly over the volcano in a helicopter and one of the people in my party was affected by the fumes. What type of fumes does a volcano give off that would cause them to become sick? Also, aren't black sand beaches caused by the slow moving lava reaching the ocean?

-- Greg Koscielniak (koscieln@oswego.edu), February 21, 2001


On Wed(Feb 21)in class we learned that the ash given off by a volcano can be very dangerous. The fine particles can be inhaled into the lungs and cause serious health conditions.

-- Kelly Wirth (kwirth@oswego.edu), February 22, 2001.

Volcanoes also give off sulfuric gases. THey can be very dangerous to as human. Such as in Congo in the early 80`s many people were dying because one volcano had whats called an open vent. this is when a volcano leacks gases that are very dangerous to all of its surroundings if you breathe it in.

-- andrew bond (andrewbond008@hotmail.com), February 11, 2003.

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