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I was wondering about the Southern's facilities in Bristol, TN. I have Prince's book on the N&W, and it shows their facilities in town, but I wondered if the Southern had a roundhouse there or did they use the N&W's? I'm originally from that area and visited many times to get an idea for what was there, but couldn't make heads nor tails of it. There is a lot of real estate around the Euclid Ave. crossing in town, and that could be the most likely spot for a shop or something. Also, I wonder when they quit using the Bristol to Moccasin Gap line. It had to after the merger, or did traffic on that portion dry up before that time? I would really like to find a pre-1953 Appalachian Division ETT because that would clear the haze for me in a hurry. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I really love to find the afore mentioned timetable. Any info on it would help, too. Thanks guys!


-- Brandon Housewright (, February 21, 2001

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