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Hello Mr. Laswell

I heard you are working on a rerelease of Tony Williams Lifetime "Turn it Over". Could I get some information on that project, since I consider that the ultimate.


-- Collin Barden (, February 20, 2001


I've got a copy of it on CD released by Verve in 1997, Not sure if Axiom would release it, Verve probably owns it???

-- nine (, May 26, 2001.

I understood that Bill was remixing TWL's Emergency ! LP from 1969. What happened to that ?

I guess it got postponed due to the Illuminations/Love Devotion Surrender remix that is supposedly coming out in July ? How come this is being credited to Santana, Bill ?

You know LDS is mainly John Mclaughlin, but I guess the record company think Santana's name is a better commercial pull, right ?

-- Marco Anderson (, July 04, 2001.

Mr. Barden

You should be concentrating on your academics and not on CDs. How would Lisa T. view this?

-- St. Johns University Member (, July 12, 2002.

I spent the day listening to Lifetime... what a trip! I played drums with 'Mr. Laswell' in a band called Material and a group called Curlew, and in a moment in time we played together in a band called Gong (New York version). In my mind and soul, there are four drummers... Ginger, Tony, Jack, and Billy C. I miss the 'hittin- thing' and can only thank God or whatever for what the former have left us to listen to and I sit in awe in my respect for their talent and inspiration...

PS... Laswell and I 'smoked the shit'... He always blew me away with his vision, focus, and determination... and BTW, he was a mutha on that bass...

-- Bill Bacon Drummer (, January 11, 2003.

The Tony Williams remix was completed, but see,mingly canned by Universal. Just for the record, it was fantastic, but you may never hear it! There was approx. 20 minutes unreleased material from Lifetime sessions.


Mr. X

-- Mr. X (, January 14, 2003.

Dear MrX

If Universal in their (not) infinite wisdom have canned your remix of TWL what about the possibility of releasing it yourself ? I don't belive for a minute that you would not be able to sell enough of this rare and innovatory music to make your investment back plus some handsomely, judging by the interest in this group, from a historical as well as musical point of view.

Best wishes

Marco Anderson Musician and Composer

-- Marco Anderson (, February 17, 2003.

Three reasons...

Money, passion and copyright.

I lack two and can't imagine being granted the third.


Mr X

-- Mr X (, November 07, 2003.

Then.. if this remix will never be released, why not put it out on a ftp site, and let us download it and listen. Enough with the music industry locking up music in their valuts because it "wont make money".

My thoughts is that anything that is out of print, not available, recorded live, never to be released (or re-released), should be available on the internet for free since they are not making any money on these recordings in the first place. If its available at a store for purchase, then you should not be able to download it. That will solve all problems.

-- Al (, January 12, 2004.

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