enlarging and preserving brownie negatives

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Hello everyone. Any response is greatly apprieciated. I would like to enlarge 127 and 620 negatives, say to about 4X6. Can I get a negative carrier to fit? Would a 35mm enlarger do the job or do I need a different printer? I do have a contact printer. I have only enlarged 35mm before this.

How do you folks protect your negatives? Will a 120 negative preserver fit a 620 comfortably? Regards, Rob

-- Rob Turner (turner164@hotmail.com), February 20, 2001


An enlarger capable of handling 6x9 negatives will also enlarge 35mm negatives, but the reverse may not be true. It will depend on which enlarger you have as to whether it is both mechanically capable and if there (still) are negative carriers available. You will also need an enlarging lens for 6x9 (usually about 105mm), this will also be suitable for 127 (6x4.5), especially if you only anticipate enlarging to 6x4".

As 120 and 620 film is dimensionally identical, 120 negative sleeves will suit perfectly.

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), February 21, 2001.

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