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Hey Chris,

Do you really monitor this thing? This is a test. . .

-- Ack! Ack! (, February 20, 2001


A message! My first message! I'm so happy.

Yes, I really do monitor it--I get an e-mail notice when someone posts a message.

-- Chris Rasch (, February 20, 2001.

prolapse, Im sorry ;)

-- Andrew Rose (, December 21, 2001.

wtf? when did I post here? I just googled my nick for old slashdot crap and here was this... eh?

-- Andrew Rose (, March 10, 2003.

I am somali boy and I am living in somali there for I would like to contribute the open knowledge in order to enhance my knowledge and get from you advive and also to provide some knowledge if I better than so that Please allow me to contribute this enhancement knowledge

-- abdulahi yusuf mohamed (, June 06, 2004.

and again over a year later

-- ody (, July 26, 2004.

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