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Come on. You know you want to.

I just did an entry on schadenfreud. I'm not afraid to admit I'm petty. Now it's your turn.

-- Brad (, February 20, 2001


Normally I'm all about pointing and laughing, but lately I guess I've just not been in such a position. The only recent for-instance I have involves my mother having birthday dinner.

One of her friends had a sort of dinner party and then showed a movie afterwards. When she told me what was on the marquee (Gladiator), I immediately started laughing; she can't stand icky-ness in movies. By the time they got to the arenas in the provinces, the others present for the showing were all watching her over Russell Crowe; she was squirming more than he was.

I couldn't even speak for a minute or more after she stopped telling me this, for the laughter-induced stomach cramps.

-- Jared (, March 03, 2001.

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