Rabbit - only skin and bones

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Went to feed our rabbits this morning and one doe (we have two) was eating with her eyes closed. She let me pet her (unusual) and so I then picked her up and couldn't believe how light she was. Felt around and she was mostly just skin and bones. She is eating well. She gets carrots, a half an apple and some celery every day along with her pellets and handful of hay. Could she have worms? I added some DE to her pellets today.

-- Cher Rovang (fullcircle@nidlink.com), February 20, 2001


She could have worms . what breed is she? could be wool block[ add frozen pinnapple juice with water and give in water bottle for a day or two]. Could be her teeth could be over grown [ wolf bite] give wood to chew, in bad case trim with wire clippers

-- kathy h (ckhart55@earthlink.net), February 20, 2001.

It has been a long time since I raised rabbits but I seem to remember that coccidiosis can cause this.Feed stores carry a sulfa liquid for treating this.Just add it to the water.

-- JT (gone2seed@hotmail.com), February 20, 2001.

Sounds to me like your rabbit needs wormed. You need to worm it with Piperazine-17. You should mix this with water at 2TBLS. per gallon.Fill the rabbits waterer and repeat after 2 weeks. This mixture is for meat sized rabbits(New Zealands, Californians etc.)

-- Mark Schaudt (fcuff@pcpartner.net), February 26, 2001.

Hi! Thanks for your responses.

We fed her her pellets with DE mixed in..alot of it. The next morning she was perky and ornary again. Fed her more DE mixed up with pellets and she is doing well.

Where do I get this piperazine? From the vet?


-- Idaho Cher (fullcircle@nidlink.com), February 27, 2001.

We can buy it at the feed store. Glad your rabbit is doing better.

-- Peg (NW WI) (wildwoodfarms@hushmail.com), February 27, 2001.

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