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I recently bought a mint condition brownie off ebay. I wanted to know what kind of film I can use with it. Will any 8mm movie film do? Thank you.

-- Nicole Baker (, February 19, 2001


Hello Nicole,

Just now saw your question... April 9, 2001...

Standard (Regular) 8mm moviefilm fell out of production for the most part through out the USA, and for that matter the world. That camera used a single reel of 'special 16 mm' film that contained an extra perferation hole. It was 25 feet long and required that you turn the film over after the first exposure run of film... In that foremat I doubt you can find it anywhere. I have heard of somewhere in the UK that has B&W 8mm (16mm rotation film) in 100' magazines available, cost is about 30 - 50 US$ per magazine and development about 40 - 60 US$ additional. But, if they are in those formats only, you won't be able to run them in your camera as the Brownie took the 25 foot spools and cannot support the 100 foot formats...

Conventional 16 mm moviefilm will not work in your camera as it lacks the additional perferation hole needed for the 8mm split system...

-- Skip Hastings (, April 09, 2001.

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