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The Guardian newspaper has published today the results of an Internet survey of more than 1,000 new home owners. Two out of three said the number of bedrooms was the most important consideration in making their choice of dwelling.

The Halifax under-marketed and under-sold my repossessed 4 bedroom property as a 3 bedroom property (Despite their own qualified surveyor identifying and documenting it as a 4 bedroom !!). The Halifax later stated, when they were accused of negligence, that any potential buyer would base their choice on the overall number of rooms rather than the use they were put to.

I believe that the documented evidence of this survey will only help to prove at any future date just how much the Halifax have attempted to distort the truth when trying to avoiding admitting to the fact that they were negligent.

-- Tony Hayter (, February 19, 2001



This survey is good evidence if only to confirm what should be common sense. When a person buys a house the first thing on their mind is the size of their family and how many *bedrooms* they need. I have never heard of a family having another baby and then moving because the downstairs toilet was now insufficient. Extreme example I know, but get the point accross. The overall number of rooms arguement by the Halifax is nonsense, people want rooms for their function, not just because they are there! Keep up the fight. Tim

-- Tim Heath (, February 19, 2001.

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