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I have the SPV Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America, SouthEast edition. An excellent reference for 1:1 buffs, it shows a Coast Line branch off the Perry Cutoff (FL) from Fincher to Fanlew, crossing the SAL at Capitola, FL. Does anyone have info as to when this line was abandoned? I don't ever remember seeing any evidence of it in my travels of that area. Thanks very much. Danny Harmon at the A886.3 Tampa

-- Danny Harmon (, February 19, 2001


The Fincher-Fanlew, Fla., line was built by the Florida Central RR, which was owned by Phillips Lumber Co., and opened in 1908. The railroad went into receivership in 1912 and was sold to the ACL in 1914. The line was abandoned circa 1939/1940.

-- Tom Underwood (, February 19, 2001.

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