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how did i get left out of the whole valentines anniversary thing, i seem to recall i was a least a part of getting you to do it..."either you ask him out or i'll do it for you?" - and you know i would have plus you got enngaged the first time on my bed, which by the way i need to know if you want to buy. if you cant at this time i understand and if it doesnt sell before the auction i'll be sure to let you know about it and maybe you could come and take a chance on bidding for it and getting it for less but cant promise that plus the auctioneer may do the bed and the vanity together oh well let me know please i have people asking about it every time they come to look at the house and the folks that were here friday re coming back next week and so they may be serious luv ya T

-- duh (mrtimmorgan@aol.com), February 19, 2001

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