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I have a car that the pawl magnet does not reset in the down direction (will not stop for down calls) but works like a charm in the up direction. I've cleaned every contact that pertains to this circuit, what am I missing. I get all the right relays to drop it, such as CST. It just never drops and car goes to bottom terminal and stops on the contacts in the TM box.

-- michael hills (kpwithhp99@aol.com), February 18, 2001


Michael, the pawl magnet should reset off the CEC contact at a terminal floor. try jumping out the SRC contact to see if that is the problem. some cont. also have an ADV contact on the right side of the PM coil, make sure ADV is getting in when the car runs down.The pawl magnet should be dropped and cleaned a couple of times a year, just make sure before you pull out the core you mark it so you can get it back in the same position. It gets a wear pattern on it and sometimes hangs up if you turn it when you put it back together. Jim

-- Jim Reed (flyglasair@aol.com), February 20, 2001.

Response to PM

The Pawl Magnet picks electrically and his held by residual magnetism. On the Advancer Panel are two "button" contacts one for up and the other for down. When a stop is indicated in the floor bar and the button contacts the bar a signal is sent to cancel the residual magnetism and the pawls drop. My guess is that the button for the down direction is worn and doesn't make contact or you have a bad wire in the selector traveling cable. Happy elevating, Fred

-- Fred Baltes (Elman101@pacbell.net), February 27, 2001.

it's all about correct sequencing

-- harry trupote (kwsmc60@yahoo.com), June 18, 2003.

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